Create A Festival

Build it and they will come.

Rules (subject to change):

Message me using the contact form with your festival name, dates and location if you want to participate.

1. Deadline

- A list will be published with participating festivals + dates (NOVEMBER 5th, 2012)                                                                                                                   - You must submit a lineup by (NOVEMBER 12th, 2012)
- You must submit a poster by (NOVEMBER 19th, 2012)

2. Lineup
- You must book between 60-150 bands.
- At least 28 bands must be booked for 1 full day.
- Bands must be alive and active. No Beatles or Led Zeppelin. For reunions, please read rule 6.
- Comedy, Spoken word, art installations are all allowed. But it must be a music festival. If you want any special acts to perform, they have to be approved.

3. Dates and times
- Your festival may take place for 2 to 4 days. (half days are also possible with a min. of 15 bands)                                                                                             - Just like Bonnaroo there can be music at any time of the day. A new festival day starts at 04.01 A.M.
- A band can play for min. 20 minutes and max. 4 hours. Longer set times have to be approved.

4. Location and capacity
- Any place in the world. But realistic, not on top of Empire State Building or the bottom of the ocean.
- Your location must be able to hold your chosen capacity. EVERY location has to be approved.

5. Name
- Be creative, think about it and I'm sure you'll find a good name for your festival.

6. Reunions
- All reunions have to be send to me for approval.
- 1 headliner reunion or 2 non-headliner reunions a festival.
- Reunions can only happen if all members are still alive.

Other rules:
- If your festival makes it through the first round, you will then be required to submit set times for your festival within a week’s time of your win. Your set times are not bound in any way. You can play all night, like Roo, or you can have a curfew, like Lolla.
- Also if you make it past the first round, no additions can be made to the poster. Your poster as you submitted to me as the final draft by (NOVEMBER 19th, 2012)